Winter training trip

When I was 16-17 year old, I spent holiday in Polanica Zdroj in Polish mountains with Krzysztof Kosior and Piotr Dziedzic. It was our training trip during Polish winter holiday.

Polanica 1 Jarosław Adryjanowski

Polanica Zdrój, on the way to top of Huta moutain.

We had occasion for training with Ireneusz Budzinski Polish Masters Chapion. We trained in Kotlina Klodzka area i very deep snow, but weather was realy good.

Polanica 4 Jarosław Adryjanowski

Our hostel caled Rzemieslnik and it was placed very close to our tracks in higher part of Polanica Zdroj vilage.

Polanica 3 Jarosław Adryjanowski

Zieleniec Jarosław Adryjanowski

The highest point of Zieleniec vilage.

Polanica 2 Jarosław Adryjanowski